MartinSherman- Founder andCEO

 Martin Sherman2

Martin Sherman is the founder and CEO of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. Dr. Sherman holds degrees in Physics and Geology (B.Sc.), Business Administration (MBA) and Political Science (PhD) .

He writes a regular and widely read column “Into the Fray” in the Friday edition of the Jerusalem Post

He served for seven years in operational capacities in the Israeli intelligence community. From 1990-91 he held the post of ministerial advisor to the Israeli government, and has testified as an expert before the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) of US Congress, in a hearing on economic and security trends in the Middle East.

He was a research fellow (2003-2014) at the International Policy Institute for Counter- Terrorism (ICT) and acted as the academic coordinator of the internationally renowned Herzliya Conference in 2001 and 2002. From 2003-2010 he was the academic director of the Jerusalem Summit.

Dr. Sherman has 15 years’ experience as a director on the boards of several
Israeli commercial companies.

His academic publications include two books, The Politics of Water in The Middle East, and Despots, Democrats and the Determinants of International Conflict, (Macmillan), as well as several articles in journals such as the Middle East Quarterly, The Journal of Strategic Studies, The Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, The Journal of Theoretical Politics, Nations and Nationalism, and Nationalism & Ethnic Politics.

Dr. Sherman has also published numerous chapters in edited volumes and policy papers on a range of strategic and foreign policy issues. Likewise, he has appeared frequently on TV and radio both on Israeli and international networks and writes extensively on security political and economic issues in the Israeli national press in both English and Hebrew.


Malcolm Dash – Director of Operations

 Malcom Dash

Malcolm Dash has been the Director of Operations at the Israel Institute for Strategic (IISS) since 2011.

Dash immigrated to Israel (1968) from Cape Town where he had studied economics and business administration at the Cape Town University.  He served in the IDF and saw active service during the “1973 Yom Kippur” war.

In his capacity as Director of Operations he has contributed to the ongoing development of IISS and to its positions on various policy issue. He has organized and participated in public forums, written and presented papers to a variety of publications and organizations both domestically and abroad.

He worked in a volunteer capacity (1991-1992) with the Public Diplomacy Section (“Hasbara”) of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which time he participated in hosting visiting overseas delegations and VIPs.  On leaving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dash joined The Institute for Zionist Strategies (IZS) as the Associate Director of Public Affairs, initiating in-house seminars and briefings for a number of important foreign embassies. He participated in the Knesset Law Committee meetings on IZS initiative for tabling a Constitution for The State of Israel.

Dash has long been an advocate of Israel developing enhanced strategic diplomatic and economic ties with Asia and has initiated private briefings and seminars for with several the major embassies – including China, India, and Vietnam

Barry Shaw – Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy

Barry  Shaw

Barry Shaw is a Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies.

He is regularly contributes to various media outlets including the Jerusalem Post and a frequent speaker at conferences and pro-Israel advocacy events.

Shaw has been a staunch defender of Israel in the public diplomacy arena for decades and has initiated the creation of several pro-Israel grassroots groups,

He has a keen following of tens of thousands of people globally.

Shaw is the author of three books:

‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative’ rebuts fraudulent allegations against Israel with fact based refutations.

‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism’ is a thoroughly  researched exposure of the Jew hatred at the heart of the Palestinian cause from their headquarters in Gaza and Ramallah into the campuses and anti-Israel activism in too many Western countries.

His most recent book, ‘BDS for IDIOTS,’ employs ridicule as new method of countering BDS activists and repudiating their slander against Israel with facts and humor.