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For your perusal, my latest INTO THE FRAY column:

Commanders for Israel’s (In)security: Taking the name of security in vain
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Members of Commanders for Israel’s Security at a 2015 press conference (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)

There is no greater irony than the spectacle of scores of ex-senior security officials, who spent their adult life defending Israel, now promoting a political initiative that will make it indefensible

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS :http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/23209
ISRAPUNDIT https://www.israpundit.org/63640224-2/

JERUSALEM HERALD:   (To be posted
JEWISH PRESS : http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/into-the-fray-martin-sherman/into-the-fray-commanders-for-israels-insecurity-taking-the-name-of-security-in-vain/2018/12/24/
JNS:   https://www.jns.org/opinion/commanders-for-israels-insecurity-taking-securitys-name-in-vain/
JEWS DOWN UNDER :  https://jewsdownunder.com/2018/12/22/into-the-fray-commanders-for-israels-insecurity-taking-the-name-of-security-in-vain/#comment-22727

MEDIUM https://medium.com/@martinsherman/into-the-fray-commanders-for-israels-in-security-taking-the-name-of-security-in-vain-7ce792bf2f92


My column this week takes strong issue with the organization “Commanders for Israel’s Security”


It shows that its policy prescription  of  readiness for unilateral concessions in Judea-Samaria is hopelessly misconceived – and is little more than a post-dated bill of surrender that will :


1. Convert Judea-Samaria into a giant South Lebanon on the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv—and precipitate a similar outcome (see 4. below)


2. Ensnare the IDF in an open-ended “occupation”, whose duration depends only on the Palestinian-Arabs


3. Instantly transform – by Israel’s own admission(!) – “disputed territories” into “occupied territories” and the IDF from the “Israel Defense Force” into the “Israel Occupation Force


4. Result in an eventual unilateral evacuation of Judea-Samaria – without any political settlement or adequate security arrangements – just as was the case with South Lebanon.

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