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For your perusal, my latest INTO THE FRAY column:

Gaza: The “Humanitarian” Hoax
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Kites convey Gazans’ intent

Kites convey Gazans’ intent

The privation in Gaza is not the cause of the enmity towards the Jewish state. Quite the opposite! It is the enmity towards the Jewish state that is the cause of the privation in Gaza.

It appears this week on the following sites (in alphabetical order):

ISRAELI FRONTLINE: http://www.israelifrontline.com/2018/06/into-the-fray-gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax.html 
ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/22282
ISRAPUNDIT: https://www.israpundit.org/into-the-fray-gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax/
ISRAEL RISING:   https://www.israelrising.com/the-humanitarian-hoax/

JERUSALEM HERALD :  https://www.jerusalem-herald.com/single-post/2018/06/10/INTO-THE-FRAY-Gaza-The-Humanitarian-Hoax
JEWISH PRESS:(To be posted)
JNS: :https://www.jns.org/opinion/gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax/
J-WIRE: http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/into-the-fray-martin-sherman/into-the-fray-gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax/2018/06/11/
JEWS DOWN UNDER:  https://jewsdownunder.com/2018/06/08/into-the-fray-gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax/

MEDIUM https://medium.com/@martinsherman/into-the-fray-gaza-the-humanitarian-hoax-a0a285133156

Several short excerpts:   

No cliché has dominated the discourse on the Gaza situation more than the perception of Palestinian violence as a corollary of the Strip’s dire economic conditionProf. Efraim Karsh, It’s Not Gaza’s Economy, Stupid, June 3, 2018.


Many experts claim that an easing of economic conditions in Gaza…is the way to achieve political stability in a Gaza Strip ruled by Hamas. This is a fallacious argument. Prof. Hillel Frisch, Economic Benefits Will Not Bring Stability to Gaza , June 6, 2018.


It is refreshing to see what appears to be an emerging challenge to the mindless Pavlovian response, propagated by most of the Israeli media, to the horrific hatred and violence on display along the border with Gaza.


Soldiers turned sociologists? 


Sadly, and perhaps, most disturbingly, it is none other than the IDF and the security establishment that appear to be one of its principal advocates…Indeed, in recent years—perhaps due to the professors and political credos they are exposed to during their academic studies—it appears that many in the senior echelons of Israel’s security establishment have forgotten that they are soldiers, charged with providing military solutions to physical threats to the nation’s security and not sociologists, tasked with diagnosing the societal ailments of its sworn enemies.


Misleading malicious mantra 


Kerem Shalom crossing set ablaze

Kerem Shalom crossing set ablaze



… to attribute the incandescent hostility toward Israel in Gaza to the dire humanitarian situation plays directly into the hands of Israel’s detractors. Indeed, as I have pointed out elsewhere it is, in effect, to be complicit with the enemy—endorsing its mendacious and malevolent narrative.




Conventional wisdom and the inversion of causality  


Hamas refuses humanitarian aid

Hamas refuses humanitarian aid

Last week I wrote: “… the penury in Gaza is not the cause of Arab enmity towards the Jewish state. Quite the opposite! It is Arab enmity towards the Jewish state that is the cause of penury in Gaza”…Accordingly, I was gratified to see my diagnosis echoed this week, by Prof. Efraim Karsh, who categorically affirmed this inversion of causality that afflicts conventional wisdom “…it is not Gaza’s economic malaise that has precipitated Palestinian violence; rather, it is the endemic violence that has caused the Strip’s humanitarian crisis.


 “No causal relationship between economic hardship & mass violence” 


Prof. Efraim Karsh

Prof. Efraim Karsh

[Karsh] aptly points out “…, there is no causal relationship between economic hardship and mass violence…So, as [he] reiterates: “…it is not socioeconomic despair but the total rejection of Israel’s right to exist…which underlies the relentless anti-Israel violence emanating from these territories and its attendant economic stagnation and decline.”…Couldn’t put it better myself!




Right diagnosis, wrong remedy?


Prof. Hillel Frisch

Prof. Hillel Frisch

This, of course, raises the trenchant question of what should be done…It is here that I diverge from both Karsh and Frisch in my reading of what is called for to redress the problem. For while I largely concur with their diagnosis of the malaise, I have grave reservations as to their respective prescriptions of how to remedy it…For in essence, both invoke comparisons with the defeat of Germany and/or Japan in World War II


Right diagnosis, wrong remedy? (cont.)  


Regrettably, both these learned scholars overlook one crucial element when it comes to dealing with—i.e. defeating—a recalcitrant adversary in the Muslim world today, which largely undermines the validity of any analogy with the fortunate outcomes and the defeat of tyranny in World War II. Indeed, it is one the US overlooked when it embarked on its “War on Terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.


Unlike Germany and Japan…  


For unlike any prospective self-governing Palestinian entity, which sees itself unequivocally bound culturally, ethnically and religiously to the larger Islamic world, Germany was not surrounded by a swathe of kindred Teutonic nations—nor Japan by kindred Nipponic nations—which, driven by a radical Teutonic/Nipponic ideology, strove continually to undermine the stability and legitimacy of any peaceable regime that foreign powers might install…


The real humanitarian solution to Gaza’s humanitarian crisis


Indeed, the only durable humanitarian solution that can ensure Israeli security and relieve Israel from the burden of “ruling over another people”, is to generously finance the relocation/rehabilitation of the non-belligerent Gazan population to third party countries, and allow them to build more prosperous and more secure lives, outside the “circle of violence”, to which they will inevitably be subject, if they remain where they are—no matter what the level of humanitarian aid….All we need now is leadership with sufficient political will, intellectual daring, and ideological commitment to undertake what must be undertaken.

Why would that be a problem??


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