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 For your perusal, my latest INTO THE FRAY column:

Bennett’s academic code: Right sentiment, wrong strategy
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Bennett Ehtics Code

Education Minister Naftali Bennett introduces Code of Ethics of Israeli academic institutions




In-depth 2013 study: “Israeli academics have been free to engage in ‘nazification’ of Israel”

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MEDIUM:  https://medium.com/@martinsherman/into-the-fray-bennetts-academic-code-right-sentiment-wrong-strategy-827a99542420
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A short excerpt:

Had such professional misconduct occurred in the natural or physical sciences there would have doubtless been serious consequences: e.g. the collapse of a bridge following phony engineering calculations…Yet it would seem that when it comes to the social sciences or the humanities… the researcher can escape punishment for the worst kind of malpractice…In this Orwellian world where war is peace and ignorance is strength, not only are the falsifiers not censured – they are applauded Prof Efraim Karsh, on radical left-wing academics in “Fabricating Israeli History” 


 …no ethical code will open the doors of the left-wing monasteries to the right-wing “heretics” who dare to think differently than the pseudo-liberals who dominate them…The solution is to establish new institutions and think tanks as an alternative”.Dr. Dror Eydar, Israel Hayom, June 12, 2017


Earlier this week, Education Minister Naftali Bennett caused a huge public uproar when he introduced his proposed “Code of Ethics” for the country’s institutions of higher learning, stipulating rules, or at least, guidelines, for the conduct of lecturers in the classroom…Bennett’s initiative certainly set the proverbial “cat among the pigeons” across the nation’s academic Establishment—and beyond.

Indeed, it was immediately excoriated by all and sundry—including our oh-so politically correct president, Reuven Rivlin—alleging that it would somehow undermine academic freedom and inhibit the vigor of academic inquiry.

These allegations are, of course, totally unfounded and should be rebuffed with the disdain they so richly deserve…

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