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Plane on runway at Ben Gurion Airport — as seen from…”Palestine” (Photo: Hagai Nativ)
As their vision of two-states descends into irrelevance, two staters wax increasingly desperate &  delusional, and their policy proposals, increasingly unhinged & unethical


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MEDIUM:   https://medium.com/@martinsherman/into-the-fray-two-statism-gone-mad-touting-a-giant-south-lebanon-on-fringes-of-tel-aviv-85f13b94fa45#.ft54ykl7w
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 JEWISH PRESS: (To be posted)      

An excerpt:

The eastern border must be based on the required minimum to allow a significant number of settlers to joinwilf-2 Israel, but no more than necessary. We must give up Ariel…The “no” to the settlements must be unambiguous. There is no need to evacuate them, and there is no need for a compensation plan for those who leave. The settlements beyond the border should be left to wither economically and be deprived of support. Anyone who wants to live in these areas will do so without the support or protection of the Jewish sovereignty within its borders… The Arab Palestinian people must eventually lay down their arms against the Zionist movement…Until this stage, Israel will continue to militarily hold territory east of the border… — Einat Wilf, “Yes to the Occupation, No to the Settlements,” Haaretz, Dec 31, 2016 
These are difficult times for proponents of the two-state formula that envisages a Jewish state and a Palestinian Arab state co-existing side-by-side, in idyllic peace and prosperity. Their disarray and dismay are becoming increasingly evident as their desperate efforts to “preserve the option of two-states” become increasingly hare-brained — and hair-raising.
… by conditioning the end of IDF deployment on the emergence of “a permanent status agreement with the Palestinians [which] ushers in alternative concrete, sustainable security arrangements,” what new unilateralists such are in fact promoting is a formula for open-ended occupation, whose duration is totally dependent on the Palestinian Arabs…Indeed, the basic elements of the new unilateralism — the forswearing of claims to sovereignty over Judea-Samaria, on the one hand; and the continued deployment of the IDF in that territory, on the other — replicate precisely the same conditions that prevailed in South Lebanon until the hasty retreat by the IDF in 2000.

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